Membership - What's Included?

The Babywearing Collective aims to provide you with both online and in person support as you navigate your babywearing journey. Join us, become a member and receive access to benefits and opportunities.

Different levels of membership are offered in order to respectfully cater to your needs and your growing experience. We aim to provide support and guidance, access to community resources and events, hassle free industry knowledge, education, and the ability to have a reliable and available point of contact.

We welcome all members including all experience levels and demographics without discrimination. We respectfully ask that in return, all those joining us here at the Collective do so with consideration of the diversity of our community.

We are working on a range of additional options for our members in conjunction with feedback received from our community following our inaugural ‘Wear All The Babies’ Babywearing Conference in July 2017. We look forward to launching these additional initiatives for our members following the Conference.


Silver Membership is the perfect option for the everyday babywearer, offering many valuable benefits and support services for the different stages of your babywearing journey. At only $20 per year, your Silver Membership will provide you with a range of supports designed to support expectant, new or experienced parents as you hold your children close.


Gold Membership has been specifically tailored to suit volunteer babywearing educators and group leaders within our babywearing community, especially those running groups and meets. Whether you are starting from scratch or you have an established group, for $30 per year, Gold Membership with the Collective can provide you with all the tools you need to run a successful meet and group.


This option allows babywearing group leaders to affiliate with the Babywearing Collective. For $20 per group per year, your group will be listed in our Babywearing Access Directory, your leadership team will have access to extensive support services and your members will have access to discounted rates. Full details here.


Platinum Membership is the perfect option for Professionals. Both babywearing industry professionals, health professionals and senior babywearing group leaders or educators, will find this membership package valuable. For $70 per year, Platinum Membership will be a comprehensive source of professional development and support.


This membership level allows your business or organisation to partner with us in working towards our aims. An opportunity for corporate sponsorship with the Collective, for $500 per year you will have access to training and education, Cultural Competency support and Social Media and Website exposure. At this membership level, we work with you to develop a package that will work best for your business.

For more information about Corporate Membership, please contact us at today to discuss.

The table below outlines the benefits available for each individual membership option.

The Babywearing Collective acknowledges the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the rich and diverse Indigenous Nations across Australia, from where our members come and from where we live and work. We pay our respect to Elders past and present, and we value Indigenous perspectives in everything we do.

UntitledJoin the Collective
Welcome Pack YesYesYes
Quarterly newsletter YesYesYes
Online Support YesYesYes
Babywearing Access Directory YesYesYes
National Lending Library YesYesYes
Advance Notice of Events YesYesYes
Baby Wearing Educator Certification YesYes
Insurance YesYes
Mentorship Yes
Discounted Rates Yes
Training modules and education resources Yes
Cultural competency education and resources Yes
Corporate Sponsorship. Yes
$10 per annum$15 per annum$35 per annum$250 per annum